Introduction of University of Tabriz Language Center



University of Tabriz Language Center

in Association with

University of Tabriz Open and E-learning Center


In order to professionalize the students and others interested in learning various languages, University of Tabriz holds language learning classes at University of Tabriz Language Center.

  1. Learning Foreign Languages:
  • Learning Foreign Languages: English, German, French, Russian, Turkish, and other languages for the students and other interested volunteers
  • Professional English language courses (UTET, IELTS, TOFEL) and also professional courses of other languages
  • Both types of classes: virtual and in-person
  • Professional instructors and use of up-to-date foreign language teaching methods
  • Connection with organizations and offices outside the university to hold their required professional courses and exams
  1. Learning Farsi Language:
  • Farsi language learning for speakers of other languages (for the students and other interested volunteers)
  • Syllabus design and material development for Farsi language learners

Specifications of  University of Tabriz Language Center:

  • Courses of the center are public.
  • Instructors of the center are faculty members and Ph.D. students.
  • Fees of the courses are justifiable.
  • High quality of instruction is of primary importance in this center.
  • There are both types of classes: in-person and virtual.
  • All courses are held under management and supervision of Persian Literature and Foreign Languages faculty.
Last Update At : 09 November 2022