Registration Guide

  1. After making sure to attend the course, you might register through the registration link.
  2. After entering the registration page of the intended course, in the “Title of the Faculty” section, choose Tabriz University Open and E-learning Center.
  3. To choose “Type of the Income”, take action according to the explanations in the the registration announcement of the relevant course.
  4. Enter the registration fee mentioned in the announcement of the intended course.
  5. For the sake of differentiation between the courses and categorization of them, it is essential to mention the name of your intended course or workshop precisely in the “Explanations” section.
  6. Then, enter your personal information precisely.
  7. To pay the announced fee, use “Payment” option.
  8. Pay through the electronic payment service of the bank.
  9. Then, through the link of “Submission of Registration Information”, submit the related information.

Note: No registration will be recorded in your name until you go through all the registration steps.

Last Update At : 23 October 2022