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***Exclusive Classes***

University of Tabriz Language Center holds exclusive classes for the interested learners who wish to learn a foreign language or Farsi for their personal or specific purposes. The interested volunteers could attend the classes in private or semi-private fashion. To this aim, the volunteers might co-ordinate with each other to share the registration fee between the members so as to attend the exclusive classes. It should be noted that the registration fee of semi-private exclusive classes should be paid by only one of the volunteers, who is the representative of other members. The semi-private classes have ten attendees at most.

  • Teaching and learning in the exclusive classes have a high pace, and these classes require great perseverance and co-operation on the part of the learners.
  • The most professional instructors teach these classes.
  • The registration fee for exclusive classes is 30,000,000 Rials (3 million Tomans) for 15 sessions by default.
  • There are no age limitations for these classes.
  • To register for the exclusive classes, contact the manager in-charge via to co-ordinate the time and type of the class. Then, there will be an announcement on the website telling how to do the final registration.

Some of the exclusive classes are:

  • Graded language courses (English, French, Russian, Turkish)
  • Reading comprehension classes, and academic translation classes
  • Listening classes, and writing classes
  • Preparation courses for TOFEL, IELTS, UTET, TOMER
  • Preparation for graduate level university entrance exams
  • Other language skills

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Location: Room 118 – Ground Floor – Faculty of Persian Literature and Foreign Languages

Last Update At : 26 October 2022